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To register & join PCA's Scrip Program online,
which allows you to use your credit card,
use enrollment code (copy):

Rebate Sharing and Tuition Assistance

PATH Christian Academy shares the rebate earnings earned from the scrip program with you so you can put them toward your own child’s tuition or outdoor education expenses. This program allow parents to fundraise toward their own individual tuition costs as well as help their school.

Saves Your Time and Money

With scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value for gift cars from local retailers and stores. You raise money by changing your payment method.  Scrip is a great fundraising solution for our school families since they are simply switching their payment method. Plus, using gift cards to pay for everyday expenses also doubles as a budgeting tool: once the gift card is empty, stop spending in that category. The best part is families get in the habit of shopping with scrip gift cards, and can end up earning $500 or more toward their tuition in a year.

ShopWithScrip uses the face value and the net price of the gift cards to calculate rebates. These rebates are split equally between you and the school. 

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